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Today, the issue is not only protecting water sources, but also finding & permitting them.  Schreuder, Inc. provides cost-effective, creative & customized solutions to water use/reuse & environmental issues facing you.


1) Development of: Surface & Ground Water Supply

2) Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Project

3) Water Use Permit (Site Certification Modification)

4) Development of Alternative Water Supplies

5) Wetland Treatment to improve overall water quality


SI has a long-term working relationship with Progress Energy Florida , formerly known as Florida Power. Several of the SIís projects are in association with research projects funded by Florida Institute of Phosphate Research (FIPR) and Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). Other projects include the construction and permitting of exploratory, injection, monitor, and production wells, assisting in developing new ideas for water resources development and permitting, aquifer pump tests for constructed wells, water cropping design and implementation, water quality/quantity and environmental monitoring. Some of the major projects in which SI participated in are:

Triangle Lakes Water Cropping System

The Hines Energy Complex promotes water conservation by utilizing water cropping strategies of surface water from approximately 4,000 acres of previously mined and reclaimed phosphate land. Schreuder, Inc. prepared plans to optimize water cropping. Based on their recommendations many drainage improvement were made including the design and construction of a floating electrical surface water pumping system of 7.00 cfs in Triangle Lakes to which all the surface waters west of CR 555 drain. Included in the design and construction was a 8,000 feet long 18 inch diameter HDPE pipeline to transfer and augment the 1200 acre cooling pond. The Water Cropping Collection and Pumping System has been in continuous operation since 2004 to supply surface water to augment the cooling pond.

Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Project (ARRP)

As part of the water use permit (WUP) modification of the initial site certification for the construction of Power Block 3, Schreuder, Inc. performed a comprehensive long-term dynamic analyses using their own proprietary model to assess the sufficiency of meeting future cooling pond water demands with the water cropping yield supplemented by ground water pumpage. These model analyses clearly indicated the need for additional storage of surface water collected during the wet seasons. To meet the need for this storage Schreuder, Inc. developed the Aquifer Recharge and Recovery project for the Hines Energy site. This is the first project of its kind. Schreuder, Inc. obtained from the SWFWMD the first permit ever issued for the use of the ARRP to manage water resources. The WUP condition mandates that PEF may withdraw eighty five percent (85%) of the volume of water cumulatively recharged to the underlying Floridan Aquifer system through the ARRP. The implementation of the ARRP not only requires the issuance of a permit by the SWFWMD, but also an UIC permit by the FDEP. Schreuder, Inc. obtained both permits for PEF.

Construction of Exploratory Well

As part of the UIC permit, SI assisted PEF in obtaining an exploratory well permit, which was constructed in 2002.  The construction of this project included the installation of a lined drilling pad to stabilize the drilling site and to contain potential fuel/chemical spills and drilling fluids, the exploratory well to a total depth of 899 feet below land surface, which is being converted into an injection well, and four monitor wells (3 Floridan, 1 surficial).  During the installation and testing of TW-1, SI conducted several specific capacity tests to determine the approximate rate of injection.

UIC Permit

In 2007, SI continued this project by assisting PEF in obtaining a construction and testing permit for a Class V, Group 8 Aquifer Recharge Well that allows for cycle testing prior to injection. Within this permit, two additional monitor wells will be constructed: one (1) deep monitor well (OC-1) in the injection zone in the lower zone of the Ocala formation and one shallow (1) monitor well (SW-1) in the Suwannee limestone overlying the injection zone in the lower zone of the Ocala formation.

Ground Water Supply Development

Installation of Production Well

In September 2004 a 20-inch diameter production well was installed (P-1).  Based on the information obtained during the construction of TW-1, P-1 was completed to a depth of 834 feet below land surface.  The bottom 28 feet of the well is a large cavernous void.  SI installed a large electrically driven turbine pump capable of producing 6000 gpm. SI conducted a 14-day aquifer performance test on P-1 in January 2006.  During the test the water level in the well declined by 8.0 ft, indicating a specific capacity of 750 gpm/ft. A detailed analysis of the data indicates that the aquifer has a transmissivity of approximately 4.4 million gpd/ft.


FIPR/SWFWMD Pilot Project to Test Natural Water Treatment Capacity of Wetland and Tailing Sand Filtrations on Mined Phosphate Lands

Please see separate page for information concerning this project.


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