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Today, the issue is not only protecting water sources, but also finding & permitting them.  Schreuder, Inc. provides cost-effective, creative & customized solutions to water use/reuse & environmental issues facing you.

Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC

Arc9_ModelWells_ltr.jpg (358010 bytes)SI has provided technical assistance to Mosaic Fertilizer LLC in combining and renewing water use permits for its mining and fertilizer manufacturing operations in Florida.  In 1996, SI helped the Mosaic predecessor company to consolidate water use permits for 11 mines and 3 chemical plants for a total annual average water supply of 485 million gallons per day (mgd) from the Floridan Aquifer.

In 2000, SI helped Mosaic predecessor company Cargill Fertilizer to combine 2 water use permit for 6mgd for its Riverview chemical plant.  The water sources are Lithia and Buckhorn Springs, tributary to the Alafia River.

In 2006, SI began work to consolidate and renew water use permits for Mosaic's combined companies for 8 mines and 5 chemical plants,  The total combined water use is planned at 76.7 mgd from the Floridan Aquifer.

During the permitting process, SI provided groundwater modeling, evaluations of the proposed groundwater withdrawals to consider groundwater impacts over a 5000 square mile area.  The modeling evaluations demonstrated no adverse impacts for the proposed withdrawals.

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