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Today, the issue is not only protecting water sources, but also finding & permitting them.  Schreuder, Inc. provides cost-effective, creative & customized solutions to water use/reuse & environmental issues facing you.

 Landfill Monitoring and Permitting  
Schreuder, Inc. assisted the City of Dade City in renewing an existing Class III Landfill Permit for a 10 acre construction / yard waste landfill.  The permit also contained provisions for determining the presence of methane gas, gas monitoring, well installations, gas venting, reporting compliance.

Parrish Grove Landfill 

- Permitting

The Parrish grove Landfill is located in northeast Pasco County, approximately 2.5 miles northwest of the City of Dade City on Browning Road.  The permit renewal process involved synthesizing water level, water quality, and hydrogeological data to assess current landfill conditions and respond to the concerns of the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation (FDEP).

The renewal permit was issued and contained conditions that required the assessment of the methane gas generating potential of the landfill. The assessment revealed the presence of methane, which required gas monitors and eventually gas venting wells to be installed. The venting wells proved to be successful in providing an avenue for the gas to escape while adhering to gas limitation regulations. Schreuder, Inc. was successful in renewing the permit, assessing current landfill conditions, and in addressing current monitoring requirements, that allowed the City of Dade City to maintain permit compliance.

Parrish Grove Landfill 

- Monitoring






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