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Today, the issue is not only protecting water sources, but also finding & permitting them.  Schreuder, Inc. provides cost-effective, creative & customized solutions to water use/reuse & environmental issues facing you.

Service Performed
All Appropriate Inquiries Environmental Co Phase I ESA

Heritage Pines Community Association

Water Use Permitting

Ranon & Partners, Inc.

Water Use Permitting

Tampa International Airport

Groundwater Remediation

Tampa Sports Authority

RAI Assistance with WUP

 U.S. Water

Monitoring & Permitting


Centrum Properties

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Clear Springs Land Company

Reservoir Surface Water Feasibility

Davpam Mobile Homes

Water Use Permitting

Ryland Homes

Water Use Permitting, Water Transfer

Sierra Properties

Water Use Permitting

U.S. Homes

Water Use Permitting


Driggers Engineering

Hydrogeologic Analysis, Pump Tests

Genesis Group

Water Quality Sampling/Monitoring

Lennar Communities

Water Use Permitting


City of Dade City

Water Quality Sampling/Monitoring  

City of New Port Richey

Water Quality Sampling/Monitoring  

City of Port Richey

Water Quality Sampling/Monitoring

City of Tampa

Wetland Restoration, Hydrological Evaluation of Blue Sink/Curiosity Creek/Sulphur Springs

Florida Institute of Phosphate Research

Evaluation of Impact of Phosphate Mining on Streamflow, Natural Wetland Treatment of Water, ARRP

Pasco County

Pinellas County

Sod Farm Water Level Monitoring & Hydrologic Analysis 

Polk County

Mitigation & Recharge of Flood Water  to Augment Groundwater Supplies in the Floridan Aquifer

St. Johnís River Water Management District

Hydrologic & Engineering Evaluation

Southwest Florida Water Management District

West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority


Calpine Operating Services Company, Inc.

Water Management Plan

CF Industries

Natural Sand Filtration,  ARRP project

Mosaic Fertilizer

MegaWUP Permitting, Hydrological Assessment

Progress Energy

Injection well, Permitting, FIPR projects Natural Wetland Treatment


Groundwater Management Plan, Tidal Impact Study On-Site at Big Bend


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