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Today, the issue is not only protecting water sources, but also finding & permitting them.  Schreuder, Inc. provides cost-effective, creative & customized solutions to water use/reuse & environmental issues facing you.

Permitting of Borrow Pit & Water Management Plan for New Development

   Schreuder, Inc. was contracted to develop a conceptual plan for preparation of applications for Water Use Permit (WUP) and Mining Permit (MP) for a 100-acre borrow pit at a proposed housing development in Manatee County.  One element was that all ground water pumped from the proposed borrow pit(s) has to remain on-site and cannot be discharged off-site directly via surface water systems. To accommodate this requirement, SI proposed excavating the total borrow pit area in several stages.

     SI prepared a conceptual plan based on the surface sprinkler irrigation capacity for the sod farm operations. The SI design was based on the idea of using the water from the borrow pit dewatering operations to replace the ground water pumped from the five on-site Floridan Aquifer wells.  The overall water management plan calls for matching the sod farm irrigation demands with the shallow ground water supply available from the dewatering operations.  To be able to provide the irrigation water demands at the required pressures, SI elected to use the existing surface water pumping station that is located on the surface water lake in the northwest section of the property. 

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