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Today, the issue is not only protecting water sources, but also finding & permitting them.  Schreuder, Inc. provides cost-effective, creative & customized solutions to water use/reuse & environmental issues facing you.

Aquifer Recharge & Recovery Well 

SI was funded to research and develop the Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Project (ARRP).  The basic idea is to take existing features on mined phosphate lands such as clay settling areas and tailing sand deposits to naturally treat industrial wastewater and domestic effluent to meet the stringent water quality criteria for recharge to the underlying aquifer.  The realistic practicality of this concept has been proven by the results of a three-year pilot study designed, built and operated by SI.

Project 1)  Aquifer Recharge & Recovery Well  

     SI was contracted to provide professional services related to the design, permitting and implementation of an aquifer recharge and recovery (ARRP) system to provide make-up water for fresh-water cooling towers at a power generating station in Polk County, Florida.  The power plant is located within in the Southwest Florida Water Management Districtís Southern Water Use Caution Area where groundwater resources are and will become critical in the future.  The aquifer recharge and recovery concept is to inject water into the groundwater aquifer and recover a percentage of the injected water from a production well down gradient.  The percentage of injected water not recovered from the aquifer is a net gain of a groundwater resource for the region.

     SI obtained a permit and constructed one Class V Group 8 exploratory well in order to obtain information to determine the feasibility of injection for the purpose of aquifer recharge.  Upon completion of lithologic, hydrogeologic, and water quality analyses, SI concluded that the exploratory well is suitable for injection.  SI is currently working with the client and regulatory agencies to obtain a permit for the test injection phase of the project. 

     In addition to the test injection well installation and testing, SI is currently performing design, permitting, installation, testing and sampling of two power plant water supply production wells to be used for the recovery portion of the system.

Aquifer Recharge & Recovery

Project 2)  ARRP at a Phosphate Mine in Hardee County (FL)

SI was contracted in 2003 to develop an ARRP project for a phosphate mining company in Florida.  The idea of using excess surface water collected at the mine during high rainfall periods for recharge to the underlying Floridan Aquifer appealed to the County Commissioners.  Initially, a recharge rate of 2 MGD is considered to be expanded to 4MGD.  The project is in final design and permitting stages.


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